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In our way of doing things, every project is unique, just like your team's and business's needs. We believe in a human-centric approach to design, and our process reflects that. Here's how what you can expect:


1. Personalized Consultation


We begin with an intake call where we dive deep into your goals, timeline, and considerations. This conversation sets the stage for a collaborative partnership, where your input is valued every step of the way.


2. Customized Engagement


Following the initial consultation, we craft a plan that's tailored specifically to your requirements. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we create a strategy that aligns with your business goals and challenges.

Our Consulting Shapes

I. Embedded Consulting

Monthly retainers // 3+ months

Best for
  • Providing ongoing team or leadership support.

  • Navigating initiatives that require flexibility and long-term evolution.

  • Making a mid-term investment in areas where your existing team may need extra expertise.

Examples of embedded consulting
  • Facilitating bi-weekly usability testing sprints in close collaboration with your Product team.

  • Crafting a comprehensive end-to-end prototype of your Product vision, informed by generative research.

  • Sustaining service design and user flow enhancements for complex user journeys.

  • Serving as a Fractional Lead or Director for your team.

II. One-Off Projects

Weekly Rate // 2-6 Weeks

Best for
  • Tackling targeted, specific projects with well-defined deliverables.

  • Providing short-term support for functions where your existing team may lack specific expertise.

  • Infusing fresh perspectives and work methodologies to unblock stagnant teams.

Examples of one-off projects
  • Developing personas through one-on-one interviews.

  • Executing a diary study and constructing customer journey maps based on findings.

  • Revamping an account creation/onboarding flow to optimize growth before your next fundraising round.

III. Workshops & Audits

Daily Rate // <2 Weeks

Best for
  • Cultivating alignment within teams and among leaders.

  • Outsourcing diagnostic research into your internal processes and products research into your internal processes and products.

Examples of workshops & audits
  • Engaging in dynamic "on-your-feet" sessions to foster cohesion within teams.

  • Conducting in-depth evaluations and delivering constructive feedback on your Product experience and Design processes.

  • Conducting internal stakeholder interviews and synthesizing valuable insights.

*Most one-off projects and embedded consulting engagements include some sort of workshop and/or audit at their start.



Qualitative Interviews & Probes

Longitudinal (Diary) Studies

Usability, Prototype Testing

A/B Testing

Focus Groups

Customer Panels

Product Strategy & UX

Journey Maps

Experience Modeling

Screen & Flow Charts

Service Blueprints

Archetypes / Personas

UX Design




Stakeholder Alignment

Team Workshops

Team Mentorship

C-Suite/Board Communication

Process Optimization

Roadmap Development

Engineering Collaboration 

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