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Rockets of Awesome

Adding parents to the kids' styling process — boosting AOV

At its one year mark, Rockets of Awesome had the foundations of a strong subscription business shipping boxes of kids clothing.

However, a critical metric was falling short—customers were not keeping enough items per box. We decided to build a feature that would allow parents to preview (and adjust) their kids’ boxes before they shipped.

This was no small feat; it required serious operational changes. The user experience would need to both shape these changes and respond to their limitations.

When finished, the feature introduced dozens of new screens, flows and states to the site — accompanied with corresponding changes in internal tools.

I lead a rapid-fire but fairly “complete” design process in 2-3 months to release the MVP.

The “Peek” feature became a customer favorite and a cornerstone of the customer experience. Our customers had higher “keep rates” and AOVs. Overall, the feature had an impressive impact on the company’s metrics and supported a confident entry into its subsequent round of fundraising.


Rockets of Awesome


2017 - Early Stage Venture, Series A, 20-30 employees


Founding Product Designer


Project management, Competitive Audit, Operational Blueprint, Personas, Journey Map, Wireframes, UX/UI Design, UX Copywriting, Prototyping, User Research, Engineering Support, Customer Feedback

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